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Heavy Duty Tuna Assist Hook - 7/0, 9/0, 11/0

Heavy Duty Tuna Assist Hook - 7/0, 9/0, 11/0

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  • Enhanced hookset and landing ratio: Experience the power of high carbon hooks meticulously engineered to provide an exceptionally sharp point and barb. With their superior sharpness, these hooks guarantee deeper hooksets, resulting in increased landing ratios. 
  • Unmatched durability and strength: Our assist hooks feature a durable 4-braid PE line with a line strength of 300+ lbs. This high-strength line ensures the confidence to handle even the most demanding fights. Whether you're battling against powerful bluefin tuna, grouper, or other offshore species, these hooks offer the durability and strength required to bring in your trophy.
  • Secure and reliable connection: SPJigging's Assist Hooks are equipped with solid 304 stainless steel split rings, providing unparalleled strength and security. These split rings are meticulously crafted to ensure a secure connection between the hook and jig. 


3 heavy duty assist hooks

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