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Shout Stay Jig

Shout Stay Jig

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The Shout Stay Jig is an innovation in center-balanced design, aptly earning its moniker "Stay." Designed to excel in slow and speed jigging techniques, this jig exhibits finesse as it gracefully rolls, flutters, and darts through the water, replicating the evasive actions of fleeing bait.

Key Features:

  • Triple-Edge Dart Action: Designed with seasoned jigging enthusiasts in mind, the Shout Stay rises to the challenge where conventional rear-weighted jigs fall short. Its forward response to jerking action ensures a unique speed jigging experience. From slow to fast, from rod-based tension jerking to dead sticking, the Shout Stay adapts to your preferred style, delivering a remarkable roll-and-fall action.

  • Horizontal Bite: The Shout Stay jig redefines jigging finesse, boasting a center-weighted construction that prolongs horizontal suspension before the fall. Its dart and pause action and its horizontal movement offer a compelling opportunity for local Southern California bluefin tuna and yellowtail.


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