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Solid Ring with Grommet for Jigging Leaders

Solid Ring with Grommet for Jigging Leaders

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  • Unmatched strength and durability: Constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, these solid rings are built to withstand the intense pressure and challenges of battling giant bluefin tuna. They offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring they won't disappoint you when it matters most.

  • Welded solid ring design: The stainless steel grommet freely spins on an expertly welded stainless steel solid ring, providing a secure and reliable connection point for your heavy leader. This design eliminates rubbing and pinching, preserving the integrity of your leader and maximizing its performance.

  • Versatile application: These solid rings with welded grommets connect your heavy leader for knife jigs, flat falls, past-pitch, or slow-pitch jigging. They are specifically tailored for targeting bluefin tuna, grouper, and other pelagic species, making them versatile and essential to your tackle collection.


6 solid rings with grommets

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