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SPJ-TG Tungsten Jig

SPJ-TG Tungsten Jig

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Introducing the SPJ-TG, our 180-gram tungsten fishing jig is designed to meet the demands of serious fishermen targeting bluefin tuna. With its advanced design and the many benefits of tungsten, this jig is a must-have for your next trip.

Key Features:

  • High Density for Fast Action: The asymmetrical body design and high-density tungsten material allow rapid descent, getting you to the deep faster.
  • Enhanced Fall Speed: Our tungsten jig falls quicker than traditional lead jigs, making it easier to maintain contact with the bottom and detect strikes or structures.
  • Compact and Effective: Tungsten's density makes the jig remarkably smaller in profile while being 1.74 times heavier than lead. This smaller bait profile is perfect for fishing the slide or when big fish are keyed in on micro bait.
  • Superior Vibration Transmission: Tungsten transmits high-pitch vibrations better than lead, allowing you to instantly feel the jig's movements and detect bites.
  • Experience the Versatility: Whether jigging or letting it glide horizontally on the fall, our jig creates an alluring action that perfectly imitates weak bait, luring in bluefin tuna.


180 gram Tungsten Jig

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