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SPJigging Vertical Jig for Tuna and Rockfish

SPJigging Vertical Jig for Tuna and Rockfish

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The Vertical Jig is a jig that serves as both a slow-pitch and speed jig specifically created for bluefin tuna in Southern California. 

Key features of the SPJigging Vertical Jig:

  1. Dual Purpose Design: The jig is designed to be effective for both slow-pitch jigging and speed jigging. A controlled free spool creates a horizontal, side-to-side, fluttering action while short pumps mimic fleeing bait fish.

  2. Quick Water Penetration: The first one down gets bit. The jig's short and stalky frame allows it to cut through the water efficiently, ensuring it reaches the desired depth at maximum speed. 

  3. Color Varieties: Available in four different colors. The glow (KP, Purple Haze, and Super Glow) are particularly suited for nighttime fishing, as they are more visible even at the deepest depths.

  4. Hook Compatibility: The jig is recommended to be paired with 7/0 or 9/0 regular or glow single assist hooks. 


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