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Quick Rig Heavy Duty Jigging Leader with Grommet Ring (Made to Order)

Quick Rig Heavy Duty Jigging Leader with Grommet Ring (Made to Order)

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  • Custom-made specific to your needs: Select your ideal leader length, line size, and assist hook color and size to create a Quick Rig Heavy Duty Assist Leader that perfectly suits your fishing style and needs. 
  • Optimal penetration and hookset: Our glow assist hooks feature exceptionally sharp points and barbs, ensuring superior hook penetration and increasing your chances of landing your catch. With their razor-sharp design, these hooks provide the ultimate hookset, maximizing your success on the water.
  • Smooth 360-degree rotation: The barrel swivels with grommets incorporated into our bite leaders enable seamless 360-degree rotation. Eliminate chaffing tubes and springs, and say goodbye to line twists that can hinder your fishing experience. Enjoy smooth and fluid movement, allowing your jig to fall naturally and attract fish effectively.


1 premium heavy duty leader

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