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Figure 8 with Split Ring

Figure 8 with Split Ring

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  • Secure and durable connection: The Figure 8 Ring with Split Ring features two different rings to ensure a robust and long-lasting connection. The larger 500 lb. stainless steel Figure 8 ring is your mainline's anchor point, providing exceptional strength and stability. The 300 lb. stainless steel split ring allows for easy attachment of assist hooks, ensuring a secure connection without compromising the integrity of your setup.
  • Efficient and versatile usage: The Figure 8 Ring with Split Ring is made to streamline your connections. Whether you prefer looping an assist hook directly through the larger solid ring or utilizing a ring-to-ring connection with split rings, this versatile tool accommodates your preferred way to attach jigs. It is ideally suited for tying knife jigs, flat falls, or slow-pitch jigs directly to your mainline, giving you confidence in your rigging.
  • Eliminate friction and wear: With the Figure 8 Ring and Split Ring combination, you can say goodbye to concerns about friction and wear. This design ensures your mainline connection remains intact and does not rub against the split ring or assist hook, minimizing potential damage and extending the longevity of your connection. 


6 figure 8 with split rings

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