Unlocking the Thrills of Cedros Island: A Jigging Adventure

Unlocking the Thrills of Cedros Island: A Jigging Adventure

Cedros Island, Mexico, is renowned for its legendary waters teeming with yellowtail and giant calicos, often luring anglers eager to conquer the surface iron and swimbaits. However, my recent five-day expedition to this angler's paradise had a unique twist – I dedicated my time to jigging. In a place where tradition reigns supreme, I ventured into the world of vertical jigging, and the results were nothing short of impressive.

Before delving into my jigging journey, it's important to note that timing is crucial when fishing at Cedros Island. As my pangero shared, June and July are typically prime months for surface iron action with prominent yellowtail. However, my adventure took place in September, when the yellowtail were closer to the bottom, at depths ranging from 100 to 200 feet. This made it an ideal time for jig.

Cedros Island map with locations for vertical jigging

The opportunity to share the deck with some genuinely talented fishermen provided an excellent base to compare traditional West Coast yo-yo jigs, such as the Salas 6x Jr and Tady 4/0, with jigs I acquired from Japan. Additionally, the opportunity to fish traditional West Coast jigs on a jigging rod led to surprising results. 

For my jigging adventure, I brought along a selection of lighter Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) jigs, including the 180g BEAT V-Scale, 200g Breed Bull Terrier, and 260g Genio, alongside the tried-and-true Salas and Tady classics. I paired these jigs with a United Composite CXJ6004 rod and a Maxel Rage Pro 90 reel spooled with 60# XXX Izor First String line.

BEAT,Genio, Breed jigs used for vertical jigging in Cedros Island, Mexico

After dedicating two full days to jigging, I landed on a couple of observations:

  • Size Matters; Color Doesn't: The size of the jig proved to be more critical than its color. While color preferences can vary, what consistently worked were smaller jigs in the 4-6" range, such as the BEAT V-Scale and Breed Bull Terrier. 
  • The "Pump" Technique Prevails: When it comes to jigging success, it's all about the "pump." Instead of a steady retrieve, I found letting the jig sink to the bottom and working it up quickly with 5-10 short "pumps" covering a 50-foot water column from the bottom was the key to enticing strikes. Whether it's bluefin tuna, yellowtail, or calico bass, that electrifying moment when a fish stops your jig during the pump is what we all live for.
  • SoCal Yo-Yo on a Jigging Rod - Best of Both Worlds: The Salas 6x Jr. is undoubtedly a legendary yo-yo jig, but the reel and the winding speed limit its potential. However, its full capabilities are unlocked when fished on a dedicated jigging rod. Not only does it exhibit fantastic darting movement, but it also maintains its characteristic soft flutter on the fall.

In addition to its reputation for home guard yellows on the iron and monstrous calicos, Cedros Island is an absolute haven for jigging enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to vertical jigging, this captivating island offers endless opportunities to reel in unforgettable experiences.

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